pin: determiners in aspectual composition


A difficulty for leading theories of aspectual composition (Krifka 1992; Verkuyl 1993) is that they make incorrect predictions when verbs of gradual change combine with certain kinds of noun phrases. Consider, for instance, the sentences in (1) and (2), which all describe accomplishments, as is confirmed by the acceptability of the time-span in-adverbials.

(1) a. Rebecca ate an apple (in five minutes).

(2) a. Rebecca ate at least three apples (in fifteen minutes).


I presented this paper on 19 Dec. 2005 at Amsterdam Colloquium 2005, Amsterdam, 19–21 Dec. 2005.


In Proceedings of the Fifteenth Amsterdam Colloquium, Paul Dekker and Michael Franke (eds.), pp. 191–196. ILLC/Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam, 2005.


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pin: determiners in aspectual composition
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