pin: durative adverbials for result states


This paper is devoted to the analysis of sentences such as those in (1), where the intended interpretation of (1a) [Manuela jumped into the water for twenty minutes] and (1b) [Rebecca opened the window for five minutes] is that Manuela was in the water for twenty minutes after having jumped and that the window was open for five minutes after having been opened, respectively.


In WCCFL 18 Proceedings, Sonya Bird, Andrew Carnie, Jason D. Haugen, and Peter Norquest (eds.), pp. 420–433. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press, 1999.


Paper, scan

Paper, prepublication version, 26 June 1999

The prepublication version was reformatted in MS Word :-( by the editors of the volume, hence the page breaks, etc. differ from those of published (scanned) version.

pin: durative adverbials for result states
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