naumann (ralf) and pin: decomposing the progressive


The formal semantics of the progressive aspect is notoriously difficult to pin down, as a number of analyses in recent years attest (Dowty 1979:§3, Vlach 1981, Parsons 1990:§9, Bach 1986, Kearns 1991, Asher 1992, Landman 1992, Glasbey 1996, among others). Broadly speaking, the progressive presents two sorts of problems: (i) (what we might call) the 'state-related problem' and (ii) (what Dowty calls) the 'imperfective paradox'. […]


In Proceedings of the Eleventh Amsterdam Colloquium, Paul Dekker, Martin Stokhof, and Yde Venema (eds.), pp. 241–246. ILLC/Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam, 1997.


Paper, scan (grayscale, 300 dpi)

naumann (ralf) and pin: decomposing the progressive
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