piñón: a semantics for durative adverbials


Shortcomings of existing analyses of durative adverbials are reviewed and a new approach is proposed with an aim at overcoming these shortcomings. Characteristic of the new approach is that it considerably weakens the core semantics of durative adverbials and that it builds in a notion of distribution that seems essential for treating combinations of durative adverbials and frequency adverbials.


These are the slides of a talk that I gave on 04 Oct. 1999 at Sinn und Bedeutung 99 at Universität Düsseldorf.


Handout, Sinn und Bedeutung 99, Universität Düsseldorf, 04 Oct. 1999.
URL <http://pinon.sdf-eu.org/covers/sda.html>.


piñón: a semantics for durative adverbials
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christopher piñón