pińón: the syntax and semantics of végig


Végig (lit. 'end-TERM', i.e., '(up) to the (very) end, from beginning to end, throughout', pronounced [ve:gig], with initial stress) is one of the most productive verbal prefixes (a.k.a. preverbs) in Hungarian […].


In Approaches to Hungarian: Papers from the Pécs conference, vol. 7, Gábor Alberti and István Kenesei (eds.), pp. 199–236. JATEPress, Szeged, Hungary, 2000.


Paper, scan (grayscale, 300 dpi)

Paper, prepublication version, 2000

The prepublication version was reformatted in MS Word :-( by the editors of the volume, hence the page breaks, etc. differ from those of published (scanned) version.

pińón: the syntax and semantics of végig
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