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Verbs of motion like run, walk, carry, crawl, etc. take directional PPs as complements. I will call these PPs path-oriented expressions. […]

note, I

I've converted the original MS Word 4 (for the Macintosh) file into an 2.1 Writer file. I've taken the opportunity to correct several typos and to remove my old email address, but otherwise both the text and the total number of pages of the original remain the same (8). Needless to say, the exact line and page breaks have changed.

I now find that the title "Inside paths" isn't so great, but what to do about this now? :-( By the way, on the intended interpretation of the title, inside is a preposition (and not an adjective).

note, II

I also have another (longer) paper on paths, "Paths and their names" (with a nicer title), from half a year earlier.


Unpublished paper, presented and distributed at the LSA meeting in Boston on 07 Jan. 1994.
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Unpublished paper, reformatted

pin: inside paths
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