pin: paths and their names


This study addresses the claim that a notion of path plays a significant role in natural language semantics. According to Jackendoff, paths crucially figure in the analysis of (dynamic) PPs in English. Specifically, such PPs are said to refer to paths. In §1, a simple algebraic semantic analysis with paths is given for one type of path expression. In §2, Jackendoff's work serves as the basis for a critical discussion of the full typology of paths. Finally, in §3, the mereological semantic account developed in §1 is used to shed light on the 'parameters of difference' between path types.


I also have another (shorter) paper on paths, "Inside paths", from half a year later.


In Papers from the 29th Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, Volume 2: Papers from the parasession on the correspondence of conceptual, semantic and grammatical representations, Katharine Beals, Gina Cooke, David Kathman, Sotaro Kita, Karl-Erik McCullough, and David Testen (eds.), pp. 287–303. Chicago Linguistic Society, 1993.


Paper, scan (grayscale, 300 dpi)

pin: paths and their names
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